Friday, December 2, 2022

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Leigh Griffiths questioned by police in sports gambling probe

Leigh Griffiths, a former striker for Scotland and Celtic, has been questioned by police who are looking into sports wagering. The 32-year-old footballer confirmed that...

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Alzheimer’s drug discovery marks the “beginning of the end” in the search for effective treatment

One of the proteins that accumulates in the brain of patients with Alzheimer's is called Amyloid, and the new drug Lecanemab is made to target and remove it It was created through a collaboration between the pharmaceutical business Eisai in Tokyo and the US biotech company Biogen. Following a trial including 1,795 persons with early Alzheimer's disease, Eisai has officially released phase three clinical trial results. When compared to individuals receiving a placebo, researchers discovered that the medicine delayed the advancement of the disease by 27% after 18 months. The findings have been praised by experts, who believe they may be the long-awaited confirmation that the illness is curable. The UK Dementia Research Institute's group head, Professor John Hardy, of...

Online disclosure of 5+ million Twitter users’ stolen information

An API flaw that was patched in January allowed for the theft of over 5.4 million Twitter user records that contained private information. These records were made available for free sharing on a hacker forum. A security researcher has also revealed another enormous, possibly more significant, data dump of millions of Twitter records, illustrating how widely this flaw was utilised by threat actors. The material is made up of public data that has been scraped as well as secretive email addresses and phone numbers. The data breach on Twitter In July of last year, a threat actor started charging $30,000 for the personal data of more...

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