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Wishaw schoolgirl, 9, diagnosed with brain cancer after losing power in leg and arm

Elaine Taylor has urged parents to ‘trust their instincts’ after her nine-year-old daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour just days after taking unwell at home.

The mum of a nine-year-old girl has spoken of her devastation after she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

Faye Taylor first took unwell in May when her left arm became disfigured and her left leg turned inwards.

Her mum Elaine, 50, believed her to be having a stroke and immediately contacted NHS24 after noticing her daughter was struggling to walk.

Faye was rushed to Wishaw General Hospital before being later transferred to Yorkhill Hospital, where her family were delivered the devastating news on May 19 following an MRI scan.

Heartbroken Elaine told the Record: “I never expected this to happen. Never in a million years.

“Faye had no symptoms before that day. This came completely out of the blue.

“I really thought they were going to tell me she had a childhood stroke, or cerebral palsy, or even MS.

“But then they sent a taxi to pick up my husband, Gary, who was at home looking after the kids.

“It was after he arrived that they told us – that Faye had a brain tumour.

“The doctors did a biopsy after seeing it on the MRI and the results came back that she had aggressive stage 4 cancer.

“They can’t operate because the tumour is so deep and they told us that chemo isn’t an option.”

As Elaine, Gary and Faye’s siblings Lewis, 15, Jodie, 14 and Harvey, 11, struggle to process her diagnosis, the Wishaw mum told how the family can only watch on in pain as their youngest member deteriorates before their eyes.

She added: “Faye was always the one who would do anything to help anyone, but now we need to help her with everything.

“Her left side is numb and she can only walk short distances, but then she tires very easily and has to use a wheelchair.

“And she used to be so independent and so happy, but now she is withdrawn and scared.”

Now Elaine wants other parents to ‘always trust their instincts whenever they feel something is wrong with their child.

She said: “A parent should always go with their instincts and trust their instincts if they know something is wrong with their child.

“I ask myself now if I missed something, but the doctors have told me there is nothing more I could have done.”

Faye is now set to undergo a course of radiotherapy in a bid to slow the progression of her tumour and will be sedated during the treatment.

As the family face an unsettling time ahead, Elaine has told how the support of their community is helping to keep them strong.

She added: “It is impossible to thank everyone who has offered support, but it means so much to us.”

Family friend Christine McGeechan set up a fundraising page to help the family to make special memories with Faye, as well as to pay towards food and petrol costs during her treatment.

To donate to the fundraiser click here.


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