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Communities may be cut off due to ‘Unusually’ severe rain and flooding according to a Met Office amber weather warning

The east of Scotland is expected to be battered by strong winds and very heavy rain, which will cause flooding and widespread travel disruptions that could endanger lives.

A yellow weather advisory from the Met Office is in effect starting at 3 p.m. on Thursday and lasting through 6 p.m. on Friday.

Between midnight on Thursday and 3:00 pm on Friday, an amber alert is in effect for Tayside, Fife, Grampian, and central districts. The Met Office issued a warning that swiftly moving or deep floodwater might be lethal and that there might be power outages or other service disruptions.

Scotland’s eastern coast is seeing unusually rainy weather from Aberdeenshire in the north to the Borders in the south, according to meteorologist Sean Batty of STV.

It comes after days of persistent rain that impacted Perthshire, Angus, and Aberdeenshire’s roads.

Sean cautioned that Deeside might get roughly a month’s worth of precipitation in just two days.

The Met Office predicted that flooding and spray would probably cause some road closures, make driving challenging, and put houses and businesses at danger of flooding.

According to the Met Office, flooded highways may shut off several villages. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) will keep an eye on rivers around Coupar Angus, Ruthven, and Meigle that could overflow their banks.

“Rain is becoming quite an issue in parts of the country after some very wet spells recently,” said Sean.

“Usually the wettest conditions are found in the west of Scotland, and that was certainly the case last month when we experienced our wettest October on record in Renfrewshire and South Uist. But in the last few days the worst of the rain is affecting the east of the country, along with a strong easterly wind.

“Some extremely high rainfall totals look likely, especially across Aberdeenshire, Angus and parts of Perthshire. For example, the average rainfall for the whole of November is around 130mm in Deeside, but as much as 100mm could fall through Thursday and Friday – nearly a month’s worth in just two days.”

Eastern parts of the Borders and East Lothian will also see some “unusually” wet conditions.

“These areas normally get about 70mm of rain for the whole month, and around that amount is expected to fall on Thursday and Friday,” Sean said.

“At this time of year long sustainable periods of rain can cause more issues as many of the drains get blocked by falling leaves which leads to large areas of water building up on the roads, and perhaps some becoming closed off due to flooding.

“Rivers in eastern areas will be getting monitored closely by SEPA, with currently the main area of concern, around Coupar Angus, Ruthven and Meigle.”

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