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Thousands of dead fish found floating in Glasgow pond by dog walker

A woman has spoken of her shock after coming across thousands of dead fish in a pond in Glasgow.

Lisa Gillen, 49, said she came across dozens of “little white things” on the surface of a pond in the city’s Richmond Park while walking her dogs with her daughter.

The Glasgow resident who regularly visits the park in the city’s south side said that when she had a closer look, she was shocked to discover they were in fact dead fish.

She made the discovery on Wednesday, and said most of the fish had disappeared from the surface by the weekend.

Lisa said: “It was absolutely shocking and upsetting.

“Both of us could not believe what we saw.

“In all my years of going to this park, we have never witnessed anything like this.”

She shared images and videos of the floating fish on Facebook to highlight her concerns.

Lisa added: “Feeling helpless or unable to do anything was more distressing so we decided the next best thing was to highlight and share this issue.”

Members of the community commented, saying they had seen fish alive in the pond just days earlier.


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