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Royal Fail: Video shows employee throwing items on the ground outside of a post office

SHOCKING footage shows a Royal Mail worker hurling parcels over a metal barrier and onto the concrete ground outside a post office.

Cieran Jebb, a shocked bystander, captured the driver throwing a number of huge objects into a sizable pile outside the Fulham Delivery Office in London on Monday (14 NOV).

The driver is seen staying in the back of the Royal Mail van as brown goods are thrown out and onto the ground.

Then Cieran can be heard yelling, “Is that my package?”

Outside the office, a stack of packages is already visible lying on the ground near the stairwell.

The employee then came out of the van clutching a plastic bag of tiny stuff and wearing his red uniform.

After turning around, he starts tossing the objects into a metal trolley that is standing by the side.

Cieran claimed to have spent the entire week working in the neighbourhood and saw that about 50% of the workers also threw packages in this manner.

Since then, he has sent the movies via Royal Mail, but he hasn’t heard back yet.

Speaking today (FRI), Cieran, 22, said: “We were doing some work on some flats overlooking Royal Mail and we noticed a load of parcels on the ground so we kept watching then noticed the guy throwing them out the van.

SHOCKING footage shows a Royal Mail worker hurling parcels. Credits: Cieran Jebb

“I started recording them and once he finished getting the parcel out the van he got a cage and started throwing them into the cage. It didn’t seem to bother him the way he was treating the parcels.

“We kept watching them throughout the week and 50% of the people there were just throwing the parcels out. I’ve sent the videos to Royal Mail on Twitter but they haven’t responded at all to me.”

Royal Mail has been approached for comment but has failed to respond.

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