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WATCH: Record downpour as flood-hit regions receive a month’s worth of rain

Large areas of the country experienced record rains, leaving people stuck in their houses and cars abandoned as they floated away

As rising water levels make movement in certain areas impossible, some people have lost electricity in their homes.

Living in Cupar, Fife, Andrew McIntosh is confined to his home with his two dogs and his father, who has severe COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

“We’ve only got electricity upstairs, and I’ve got medication that has to be in the fridge,” the diabetic told STV News.

“It’s a nightmare and nobody has been around to assist or help.”

SEPA has upgraded its flood warnings to severe flood warning status for Kintore, Kemnay, Inverurie, Ballater, and for the River Dee in Aberdeen

Video @STVNews

Sandbags have been delivered to affected areas by Fife Council, which also apologised for any delays caused by the high volume of calls to its phone line for repairs.

A spokesperson said: “All available resources are continuing to deal with the flooding although many of the above roads are likely to remain closed until the rain begins to ease this afternoon.

“Continuing to attend floods with gully tankers, delivering sandbags and clearing culverts.”

Mr McIntosh said his garden is like “a big swimming pool” and hopes someone is able to visit those in need to check if they require essentials such as food, water or medication.

Drivers attempting to make their way through flooded roads have had to abandon vehicles if they do not make it across.

Record rainfall as flood hit areas to see month’s worth of in days amid weather warnings

Key Takeaways

  • A car has come off the A92 towards Dundee near Ladybank.
  • Ferry Road in Edinburgh has seen cars and a taxi needing rescued after being overcome by the depth of the floodwater.
  • Amber and yellow weather warnings have been extended by the Met Office
  • An amber warning covering Tayside, Fife, Grampian and central areas is in place from midnight on Thursday until 9pm on Friday.
  • A yellow weather warning is in place from 3pm on Thursday running into Friday until midnight.
  • SEPA has upgraded its flood warnings to severe flood warning status for Kintore, Kemnay, Inverurie, Ballater, and for the River Dee in Aberdeen

Chief superintendent Louise Blakelock, head of road policing, urged people to avoid travel unless necessary.

“If you do need to drive, make sure you and your vehicle are suitably prepared by having sufficient fuel, waterproofs, warm clothing, food and water in the event you are delayed and be mindful of increased stopping distances when breaking,” she said.

Have you got pictures of your farm underwater? Some crazy flood event? Vehicle swimming away? Share them by sending them to and we’ll feature them on our next weather updates.

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