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Hot Water Bottle 2 Litre With Fluffy Cover


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  • Hot Water Bottle With Cover, Large 2 Litre Super Fluffy Cover Perfect For Cold Nights, Back & Neck Pain.
  • Simply Fill With Hot Water to Capacity, Keeps Warm For Many Hours Pop The Pom Poms In Either Side Of The Stopper For Extra Comfort From The Faux Fur Fluffyness.
  • Hot WaterBottles Are Perfect For Bed Warming Place In The Bed 10 Minutes Before You Go To Sleep For A Super Warm & Snug Bed Or Cuddling Up On Cold Nights.
  • Durable And BS1970: 2012-Safety Compliant Made From Finest Natural Rubber With a Seal Free Stopper.
  • Product Quality Assurance Our Products Are Manufactured To The HIghest Standards We Want You To Be Entirely Satisfied With Our Hot Water Bottles With Cover. If This Is Not The Case, Please Contact Us, We’re Here For You To Help Solve The Problems.


Our Hot Water Bottle by Noble & Brite Is Perfect For Cuddling Couples Or Warm Cozy Nights In Bed, Also Perfect for Sports Injuries Recovery Aches & Sprains. The Fluffy Cover is Soft and Soothing And Also Protects You From Too Much Heat Ensuring Long Optimal Warmth. The Ideal Christmas Gift for Everyone.

Keeps Warm For Hours: Our 2 Litre Hot Water Bottles Will Keep You Warm During The Night, Keeps Not Only Your Feet But Other Areas Warm. Fill With Hot Water And Place In The Bed 10 Minutes Before You Go To Sleep For A Super Warm & Snug Bed.

Durable & Safe 2 litre Long Hot Water Bottle For Adults & Kids, Premium & Odorless Natural Rubber Which Conforms To British Safety BS1970: 2012 Please Keep 2 Inches Away From The Bottle Mouth When Adding And Filling With Hot Water For Safety, Fill The Hot Water Bottle With a Maximum Of 2/3 Of The Water Quantity Press and Eject Air From The Hot Water Bottle By Softly Pressing On The Flat Surface Until The Water Appears At The Bottle Mouth. Do NOT Use Boiling Water. Close The Screw Cap Tightly

Specification Of Dimensions: 33x 20 cm 2L Capacity Fluffy Pom Pom Softcover Free of Pollutants And BS1970: 2012-Safety Compliant.


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