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Paisley woman defends ‘Turkey teeth’ as dentist issues stark warning

Jak Reid shelled out over £3,000 for flights and new white crowns. She claims she was trolled by a number of followers on TikTok but defends her decision and loves the new set.

 Paisley woman who flew to Turkey to have work done on her teeth was issued with a stark warning from her dentist.

Jak Reid shelled out over £3,000 for flights and new white crowns which she shared on social media.

In light of the procedure Jak claims she was trolled by a number of followers on TikTok who called her ‘silly’ and blaster her for having ‘no brain’.

Not only that, but she also claims her dentist weighed in on the comments, warning that she might need ‘implants’.

Jak was quick to defend herself in a follow-up video, reports Birmingham Live.

She claims she was told by a dentist: “I’m just going to say this, I know you’re not going to want to hear this.

“A lot of tissue’s been removed here… there’s not much else you can go from here apart from implants.”

Jak said: “This was my lovely dentist giving me advice, my teeth are fine.

“I knew going into this the risks.”

She forked out £3,500 for new white crowns and flights to Turkey, where she stayed while she was having the procedure done.

Jak added: “I’ve had veneers for six to seven years.

“I have five years warranty for breakdown and damage.

“If you take proper care, they can last 15 to 25 years.

“I already had root canals on my front teeth.

I researched places for two years.”

Jak claims that her gnashers were were not in good nick before the procedure.


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