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Online crime reports to Police Scotland disrupted due to a website error, again

Due to a technical issue that struck the service for the second time in three months, any offences reported to Police Scotland on its website in the late afternoon on Friday have not been received.

The glitch, which prevented inquiries and reports sent through online reporting forms on Friday between 3 and 6 o’clock from being received at service centres, was acknowledged by the force.

Anyone who used the online forms was advised to submit them again so they could be processed, said to assistant chief constable Emma Bond.

Non-emergencies can also be submitted over the phone at 101, but the online approach is for those.

Police Scotland provided the same assurances when a technical problem caused the service to lose crime reports for a period of 15 hours in September, stating that messages have been received as usual since 6 p.m. on Friday and that there is “nothing to suggest an ongoing fault.”

The force was treating the situation “very seriously,” according to ACC Bond, and efforts were being made to try to stop it from happening again.

The force said the issue was at a third party which hosts the Police Scotland website.

ACC Bond said: “Issues with an external supplier resulted in a fault with our online reporting system.

“We are taking this matter very seriously and are working with the supplier to put measures in place to significantly reduce the risk of this happening again.

“I would encourage anyone who sent a message through our online non-emergency reporting forms during this time to resubmit them if you have not received a response.

“This can be done online via the Police Scotland website or by calling Police Scotland on 101. In an emergency situation you should always call 999.”

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