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No heatwave for Scotland as temperatures set to drop

Friday’s buzz word across many news outlets was “heatwave” and yes the UK did have some really hot weather – but it was only across England and Wales.

For us in Scotland it wasn’t as nice, quite a windy day and we had some rain and drizzle at times – which undoubtedly left a lot of people wondering “heatwave, what heatwave?”

One of the last times Scotland experienced a heatwave was in late May 2012 when we experienced long periods of unbroken sunshine and temperatures across the Highlands reached 26C – 27C widely between the 23rd and the 27th of the month.

The highest temperature recorded during this spell occurred in Achnagart on the 25th – a high of 29.3C which was a new May record for Scotland.

While London was seeing highs of 32C on Friday, Scotland barely managed to scrape a 22c and unfortunately, temperatures are set to turn cooler over the weekend

As a result of an influx of cooler Atlantic air, the mercury is predicted to drop across the country, before things turn warmer, calmer and brighter into next week once again.

Meanwhile, a flood warning is in place in Scotland.

The Churchill Barriers, in the Orkney Islands, has a flood warning, which means flooding is expected, in place.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency said road closures are likely around the time of high tide which is between 12.30am and 2am on Saturday.

It warned that further flooding could take place from 12.30pm and 2pm on Saturday.

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