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John McGinn Receives Glasgow Kiss by raging Armenia player just days after throwing a bottle at linesman

Arman Hovhannisyan was shown a red card during the Nations League clash.

Raging Arman Hovhannisyan was sent off for Armenia against Scotland for a shocking headbutt – just days after lobbing a bottle at a linesman.

The defender fumed at Hampden last week when Scott McKenna tapped the ball into the net.

The goal would be ruled out but that did not stop the clip of the Armenian lobbing the ball at the official going viral on social media.

Hovhannisyan had another memorable moment in the Nations League clash in Yerevan, but he will want to quickly forget it.

The full-back tripped Nathan Patterson as he cut inside, with referee Sebastian Gishame quickly reaching for a yellow card.

As the whistler approached, Hovhannisyan would get into a war of words with John McGinn.

Things escalated with the Aremenian headbutting the Aston Villa midfielder, leading to second yellow card.

Commentator Ally McCoist didn’t hold back on the player.

The former Scotland and Rangers hero said: “It’s ridiculous, he’s off, it’s stupidity.”


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