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Indy Supporters March Through Glasgow Following FM’s  ‘not going away’ Vow

Independence supporters have marched through Glasgow. It followed a series of rallies around the country after Wednesday’s ruling that an independence referendum cannot go ahead without UK government consent.

The march All Under One Banner (AUOB), made its way from Glasgow Green, to BBC Scotland’s HQ in Pacific Quay.

After Wednesday’s ruling that an independent referendum could not be held without consent from the UK, rallies were held around the country.

FM intends to use the next general elections as a referendum de facto.

A piper led the march through Glasgow

Scottish Conservative Party chairman Craig Hoy has accused Ms Sturgeon of “behaving more like an ultra-nationalist than the first minister”.

Labour and the Conservatives have rejected the idea of a referendum de facto, arguing that general elections are fought on a variety of issues and not just on the constitution.

All Under One Banner national committee member Patrick McCarthy said people were marching “to demand the right to democracy”.

He added: “We believe that the decision of the Supreme Court was wrong and that the people of Scotland have the right to demand a referendum after the mandates we’ve had in the past.

“Going forward, eventually we believe that the Tories will give in.”

Ms Sturgeon has claimed that the independence campaign has been “strengthened” by the Supreme Court judgement, while her political rivals insist the ruling should mean issues like the NHS and the cost of living crisis must now be her priority.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s march, Ms Sturgeon said: “Wednesday’s judgment from the Supreme Court has galvanised the Yes movement right across Scotland.

“Thousands of people took to the streets – in freezing Scottish winter weather – to demonstrate their support for Scottish democracy.”

She added: “The inconvenient truth for Westminster is that, much as they would prefer otherwise, the Scottish independence movement is not going away.

“Indeed, it is growing. It is strengthening. And it is winning. Because it is now as much a democracy movement as an independence movement.”

The SNP won 45% of the votes in Scotland at the last general election in 2019 while winning 48 of the 59 seats.

Recent opinion polls have suggested that the country is essentially split down the middle on the independence question, but with a very narrow majority in favour of staying in the UK.

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