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Ian Blackford resigning as leader of the SNP in Westminster

Ian Blackford, the leader of the SNP in Westminster, has declared his resignation.

Though he has resigned as the leadership of the party in the House of Commons, the MP for Ross, Skye, and Lochaber will continue to represent his constituency.

He said that he will be assuming a new position overseeing “business engagement” at the “centre of the SNP’s independence campaign.”

Prior to a general election that the SNP hopes to cast as a de facto vote on Scottish independence, Blackford said it was time for “fresh leadership” at Westminster.

The annual general meeting of the SNP will take place on Tuesday. The party’s energy spokesperson, Stephen Flynn, is anticipated to follow Blackford.

After his predecessor Angus Robertson lost his Moray seat to Douglas Ross of the Scottish Conservatives, Blackford assumed the position in 2017.

In November, The Times reported that senior figures from the party had stepped in to quell a planned uprising against Blackford.

It came after reports Aberdeen South MP and SNP energy spokesman Stephen Flynn had informed officials of his intention to lead the group in the Commons.

Scottish Conservative chairman Craig Hoy MSP, said Blackford had “jumped before he was pushed”.

“His resignation is a total humiliation for Nicola Sturgeon,” he said.

“She shamefully stood by her Westminster leader earlier this year despite his appalling handling of the complaints made against Patrick Grady.

“It is clear that unlike Nicola Sturgeon, SNP MPs were not prepared to forgive how Ian Blackford put the needs of the perpetrator above the victim who had bravely come forward in this case. Whoever is elected the next leader of the SNP at Westminster must ensure that never happens again.”

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