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Heartwarming clip shows Scots cops dancing with elderly women at loneliness event

Two male police officers were captured on camera last week at Glasgow’s Swamp Media Center holding hands and swaying with the pleased women.

The cops were more than glad to participate in the event, which was designed to support older people who are lonely.

It Must Be Love by Madness is playing in the background while a video of the uniformed couple is shown holding hands in a circle with two women.

At one point the cops take off their hats and place them onto their respective partners before forming into couples while the ladies do synchronised twirls.

The camera then pans to the two officers dancing with only one of the women as the rest of the crowd sit at their tables and enjoy the show.

The woman is then applauded by both the officers and the audience.

The video was posted on Twitter on Wednesday where it has attracted over 20,000 views.

Social media users left comments after enjoying that the officers were happy to get involved.

One said: “Strawberry blonde guy has all the moves.”

Another wrote: New year’s Strictly? Well done, lads.”

A third commented: “Well done, guys, keeping they auld dears happy.”

A fourth added: “So nice of them, bless them.”

Speaking today, spokesperson and emergency call handler Suzanne McGlone said: “The event was set up because it was identified that in the community, older generations were feeling isolated after Covid and regulations.

“Their anxiety was quite bad but there was nowhere for them to go. Swamp Centre, which has been around for 25 years, decided to newly open again after refurbishment.

“The managers all came together to do something for seniors in the community because they were struggling with mental health.

“We have a Fun Friday event every week and this is our sixth one. Last week, we had around 40-50 seniors and it was so good seeing them all and giving them the chance to meet new people.

“At every event, there’s food being served and the seniors get to play Bingo and listen to live music. By our first week, they were all up dancing with their wee frames!

“But our office manager, Patricia Mitchell, is so good with them- she always gets them up dancing.

“We serve them food every week because you don’t know what’s going on at home. And it’s not the same If you don’t see someone face to face, so we offered fuel help and run every service – fuel, food, health and wellbeing.

“We are now also trying to help out with Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas, with 542 pledges already.”

Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas is a campaign set up in 2014 with just the aim that people can pledge to become a Secret Santa for a child.

As of December 2022, the campaign has now donated a total of £3.2 million worth of gifts to children in poverty.

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