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Healthcare in Scotland: what does the future hold?

We read daily health stories, whether is about NHS waiting lists, people surviving cancer or dying from cancer, or how a cup of cranberries a day may improve our memory.

Most of us go to bed hoping that we are well, pretending we are well, burying deep any concerning thoughts or ignoring them completely. Indeed, fewer and fewer of us are genuinely feeling very healthy, content and happy in ourselves.

The last two years have been tough for all. And the end is still not in sight. With sharply rising living costs, a stretched national healthcare system, a healthcare staffing crisis and an actively debated food crisis potentially on our doorstep, there are still many worrying factors to deal with.

The retirement age is rising fast, but not as fast as our healthy life expectancy. Now more than ever, therefore, is the time has come to focus on ourselves, on our wellness and to seek answers to any health concerns in good time.

So, what does the future healthcare holds for Scotland?

For decades people have relied heavily on the NHS, with some occasionally visiting a private hospital, visits supported by an insurer or self-funded. Good health and wellness takes planning, takes time, and takes motivation. It requires awareness. And monies.

Personal health budgets are available on the NHS, but should you factor a self-funded one when planning for your future?

Integrated healthcare models: the way forward?

Dr Cristina Romete, CEO of ROC Clinic in Aberdeen, says: “We believe integrative medicine, combining conventional, lifestyle, preventative, functional and alternative medicine is where the future of medicine lies.

“Within this model, we see a role for personalised medicine based on wearable tracking devices and at home diagnostics.

“Recognising that the last decade has seen a double digit rise in people seeking self-funded private healthcare, ROC Clinic is continuously exploring and creating price sensitive packages to suit all budgets. Please ask about our health packages when seeking an appointment. We believe in being thorough and keeping your visits to a minimum.


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