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Eurovision 2023 Speculation: Will the song contest be held in Glasgow?

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest was won by Ukraine, following a flood of public support for their entry from Kalush Orchestra, with the UK coming in second.

Since then there has been speculation that the 2023 contest could be held in the UK, if Ukraine can’t host due to the ongoing Russian invasion.

Now it seems that if the UK were to host, Eurovision 2023 could be held in Glasgow.

Posting on Twitter, SuperTV wrote: “NEW 🚨 Whilst it is all but confirmed that the BBC will host #Eurovision 2023 if Ukraine can’t – after the Spanish broadcaster stated so – it has now been confirmed that if the BBC do, it will be held in Glasgow, Scotland”.

According to Eurovision Fun, Jose Manuel Perez Tornero,the president of Spain’s national broadcaster all but confirmed the UK will host Eurovision if Ukraine can’t.

He said: “We don’t want to be left with the mirage of a good result. We are going to go out to win next time. We were also interested in organising 2023 Eurovision. But if Ukraine resigns, it will be the BBC that organises it.”

While Glasgow itself hasn’t played host to Eurovision, it did have a starring role in the Netflix film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, starring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. An exterior shot of the Hydro was used as the contest’s location – despite it being set in Edinburgh. Some scenes were also filmed at Glasgow Airport.

Also, it was reported last month that Eurovision fans spotted a blacked-out section of the Glasgow OVO Hydro calendar in May 2023, adding fuel to the speculation.

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