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Our mission is simple yet beautiful, to bring you Scottish News without the noise. No compulsory paid subscriptions to read the stories that matter to you, ever. 

About FS.N

A Message From The Project Founder: scottishnews.info was created thanks to the ever-increasing pay-to-read prompts I was subjected to on a daily basis when attempting to digest news matters that were important to me. After being a subscriber to many news websites over the years – I had brain zap, whilst I was browsing the PJ(Press and Journal online), as a paid subscriber, reading an article, I had an advertisement in my face… I said No more, cancelled my recurring payment and ultimately this led us to scottishnews.info, a Scottish news source that you can trust and rely on, a source that’s not here to capitalise and earn revenue on every avenue!



scottishnews.info has zero affiliation with the Scottish Independence Movement. The team at Scottishnews.info will remain neutral and impartial on the Independence movement, reporting and so on. 

We believe Scotland has the ability to prosper in both a United Kingdom and as an Independent State, We will always remain neutral on this topic for both the benefit of the reader and our community as a whole.

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There is no catch – Sorry not here. We’re free to Register and Participate, there is no hidden agenda and there won’t ever be one. We belive in providing Scottish News at no cost to the reader, you simply shouldn’t have to pay to digest an article that is important to you.

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In partnership with Stripescottishnews.info will contribute 1.5% of your donation to removing CO₂ from the atmosphere. 

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We’re on a mission to bring Scottish News to Scotland & Beyond without all the silly noise, paid subscription prompts and so on. The community website will serve a minimal amount of advertisements to ensure running costs can be covered.

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